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Our Team

Bill Frenier

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Bill began diving in 1988 in the chilly waters of Massachusetts, he immediately fell in love with what the ocean had to offer and has been an avid diver ever since. As a telecommunications engineer working with the US military around the world, he has had an opportunity to dive on 5 continents. Bill completed his formal education with a Masters Degree in education from the University of California at Berkeley, so teaching has always been his passion. He loves being able to share his knowledge and experience with others. Whether it is a new open water diver or someone completing their dive master program, it is always a pleasure helping students with their diving education. Bill is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer with 15 specialties, and Advanced Re-breather Diver.

Brad Gagas


Brad is our newest instructor. Although he has loved diving for a long time he just recently decided to pursue a career in the field. Brad graduated from Oceans 5's (Gili Air) IDC program and has worked as an instructor in Thailand and Indonesia. He is excited to be back home teaching in Florida with his brothers Brian and Steve. Brad is always eager to share his love for the ocean and is looking forward to helping Gold Coast Scuba continue to grow.

Brian Gagas

Co-Organizer and Master Scuba Diver Trainer/Manager/Owner

Brian has been an outdoor enthusiast his entire life. He loves adventure and keeps it simple by making sure he is enjoying life no matter where it takes him. Brian discovered one of his greatest passions, scuba diving, only 7 years ago. He has been diving 3-5 times a week since. Through diving, he found his latest passion, teaching. This quote one from one of his many students sums up Brian's teaching style: "The Open Water certification with Brian Gagas was the best. He's focused on what you need to know with the patience that is needed in an excellent instructor. After 10 minutes, it's easy to see that he cares about you succeeding, not just teaching class after class. He goes above and beyond; the better the teacher, the better the student."

Cameron Conner


Cameron is from South Carolina, loves being on the water and wouldn't trade it for anything. Cameron started diving after being encouraged by a friend back in 2010. From the first year of diving, he started moving up in certifications and wanted to become a Divemaster to encourage others about what it's like to be in/near the ocean. Along with that, he loves spearfishing, being outdoors and living the dreams.

Dave Vargas

EFR Instructor, Divemaster, EMT-P WEMT-P

Dave Vargas is a native Floridian born and raised in Miami spending much of his time outdoors enjoying all that South Florida has to offer. It was only a matter of time before scuba diving came to the top of the list for outdoor adventures. Dave started scuba diving in 1992 and continues to enjoy learning as much as possible about all aspects of scuba diving. Since Dave makes his living as a Firefighter and Paramedic it was only natural that he has gravitated to the rescue side of scuba diving. Working on the dive team for the Fire dept. and being an EMT Instructor, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge to the Emergency First Responder Course.

Joseph Lisa


Joe received his Open Water Certification in 1997 and soon after pursued his Advanced Open Water. He has been diving since, ever curious about expanding his knowledge of all things aquatic, but did not become serious about working in the Dive industry until 2013 when he received his Rescue Diver certification and decided to pursue a diving career. Joe obtained his Dive Master certification with Gold Coast Scuba and comes to Gold Coast with a history of excellent customer service. When not in the water, Joe works as a Customer Service Manager for Broward County Libraries where he developed exceptional customer service professionalism and he brings that same level of professionalism and his interest in oceanography to every dive he leads.

Larry Mullins

Master Instructor

Larry Mullins began diving at the age of 14 in Colorado. His first ocean dive was off the coast of Vancouver, BC. Since that time Larry has traveled extensively exploring the reefs, walls, wrecks and caves of the Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas, and the United States. In 1984 he became a PADI instructor and started his career as a scuba instructor. Larry moved to Fort Lauderdale in 1986 and discovered the majesty of the South Florida wrecks and reefs. In 1992, he discovered cave diving. Through the cave community, he met Tom Mount and did extensive training in technical and deep diving. He became an IANTD instructor in 1994 and has been teaching divers the skills and procedures of decompression diving, mixed gas diving, technical wreck penetration, and cave exploration. Larry is a PADI Master Instructor and Tec Deep Instructor and also an IANTD Technical Wreck Instructor and Normoxic Trimix Instructor.

Lizbeth Espejo Frenier

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Liz has a passion for the outdoors and was introduced to scuba diving six years ago. She recently decided to pursue teaching after assisting with classes and realizing how much impact she can have on a new diver. Liz has a passion for helping people and making sure they succeed, no matter what it takes. She also lives by "life is too short, do what makes you happy, love life, and live today like it's the last day". She is always eager to share her passion for the ocean and help Gold Coast Scuba grow.

Mike Mercaldi


Mike was born and raised in Connecticut, where he spent over 20 years selling industrial equipment. He is now a “Reverse Snowbird”. Mike spends his Winters in Vermont pursuing his passion of skiing as a Ski and Snowboard Instructor and migrates to South Florida in the Summer. As a Divemaster, Mike performs Guided Dives and Scuba Refreshers, but spends most of his time taking our guests on Guided Snorkeling Trips, where his exceptional communications and group handling skills are evident.

Mike has travelled extensively. He has been skiing in China and Chile, as well as heli-skiing in the Andes Mountains of Argentina. He has done dives in Sicily, the Phi Phi Islands of Thailand, Easter Island, and many Caribbean Islands. He’s always up for talking about Isla Guadalupe, where he dove with Great Whites up to 18’ long both in and out of cages!

Steve Gagas

Organizer/General Manager/Owner

While working in the dive business for many years, Steve stumbled into the "Meetup Organization" and after the "dive club" started growing, it needed a classroom, compressor and home base. With his brother Brian and Instructor Dave's help, they started Gold Coast Scuba, LLC on November 12th, 2009. With the continued support of it's members, the company continues to grow while providing quality Scuba Instruction and unmatched customer service.

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